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Shane Warren

PGA Qualified '99

PGA Level 3 coaching

Suffolk County Partnership Coach

Safeguarding Children in the Workplace

Fully DBS Checked

Suffolk Assistants Champion '03

Suffolk Pros Matchplay Champion '07


Shane has been offering golf lessons in Suffolk for 19 years and has been coaching here at Bramford Golf Centre since we opened in 2002.
Through the years he has helped golfers of all abilities from total beginner to fellow Pros, both young and old enjoy the game of golf more. 

His strength lies in the way he quickly identifies your problem and provides an achievable solution that is not only simple to learn but easy to take onto the course too.


"My coaching philosophy is to work with my players to develop the skills and understanding of their own swing so they can stay in control of what's happening throughout the course of a round.


I believe that at least 95% of all swing faults can be traced back to the set up. How we stand determines how we swing so stand with faults and we'll swing with them too or at the very least make movements in an effort to compensate for them which in turn leads to inconsistency.  


The most commonly asked question is ‘How do I become more consistent?' The answer lies in good fundamentals, a solid/repetitive set up routine and starting position.

From there the biggest thing I look for to aid consistency in the swing is to keep things as simple as is possible.

Engaging the bigger muscles in the body by maintaining a centred pivot from correct biomechanics allows the body to naturally square the face through impact leading to straighter, more powerful shots that occur far more often.


I am not a one method suits all kind of coach and prefer to find the best method for the individual I'm working with, helping to develop what's already there using videos, drills and advice to improve knowledge of what makes 'your' swing work consistently and under the pressure of competition.


Technology is at the forefront of my coaching and allows the pupil to see exactly where the faults are coming from and more importantly see how they have improved technique from lesson to lesson. Every lesson comes with ball and club data from my GC2 + HMT launch monitor and video analysis on my iPad. With videos recorded at 120 frames per second and the pure data from GC2 you will understand your swing like never before allowing you to be in total control of your game!"


Each student will benefit from videos, notes and 'homework' sent to them on their very own web page at Shankygolf Academy. (click here for more info) Through the website you can also add scorecards, track your playing statistics, add your own swing videos, book golf lessons directly using my online diary and more.


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