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Shane Warren

Lesson Prices 2018


Individual Lessons

30 minutes - £30

1 Hour - £45

Junior (under 18) - £20



Special Offer

Introductory lesson offer for new students 

 1 hour for Only £25

Includes the GC2 + HMT launch monitor





3 x 30 Minutes - £70



6 x 30 Minutes - £130



6 x 1 hour - £225



6 x 1 Hour + 18 Hole Playing Lesson + Gapping Session - £300


All lesson packages are valid for 6 months and 30 minute lessons can be doubled up to hour lessons if you wish.

These can be taken on the range, used for short game or playing lessons and all include use of the GC2+HMT Launch Monitor.


The choice is yours.


Please contact me directly if you would like to design a bespoke package to suit your needs.




GC2 Special Sessions


     Wedge Play Development    


This 1 hour session is designed to improve your scoring from 100 yards & in. 


We will help you develop a range of specific wedge shots to maximise performance through better distance awareness, ball flight and spin control.


You will learn how to hit 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full wedge shots effectively whilst controlling spin, trajectory and most importantly distance.










Gapping Sessions 


45 minute Distance/Gap fitting sessions will show you exactly how far you carry each club along with the distance gap between clubs, allowing you to deliver more confident shots on target. 


This valuable information is a must for any golfer wanting to improve.

Hitting the ball the correct distance can be more important than accuracy - Pin high 7 yards left, is closer than a straight shot 15 yards short. 

Use this knowledge alongside your GPS range finder to hit more targets and increase your scoring potential


Irons and woods OR Wedges 

(Wedge session covers 1/4,1/2, 3/4 & full swings with all your wedges. Iron and Wood session is 9 iron-Driver)





(These gapping sessions are not lessons so if you have coaching elsewhere and simply want to know your exact yardages these are ideal)






Driver Set Up


If you own an adjustable driver and simply want to ensure that it's set up correctly then this 30 minute session is ideal.

We will use the GC2 to monitor the launch angle, spin rates and ball speed to ensure that everything is at its optimal setting to suit your swing.

This is not a lesson so we will not be looking at your technique, I will simply be making the necessary adjustments to maximise the outcome with your driver.





Online Lessons

A great feature of Shankygolf Academy is that you can have lessons from me no matter where you're from.

Using the 'Upload Media' option on the website or direct from the I-Golf Community iPhone app OR Android app you can have your swing clips professionally analysed including side by side comparison, lines, circles, slow motion and voice over. 
Simply take a video clip from either front on or down the line (behind) and I will send you a full analysis of your swing with suggested areas to work on. Ideally your clip should be of 2-3 swings and include your set up routine.
When taking videos please have the camera at approx waist height, directly inline with the centre of your body from front on and inline with your hands from down the line. This will ensure the best angles for the analysis process.
The cost for this service is Only £25 per video clip and can be purchased here

Analysis videos will be returned within 48 hours of your upload to me.

Download the FREE iPhone app here

Download the FREE Android app here


The above lessons and more are available to buy online and as vouchers on the Buy Lessons page at shankygolf.co.uk  

Email me at shankywarren@hotmail.com if you have any other questions.


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