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Masters Products

About Us

 Masters Golf is the most purchased brand in Europe … yet many people will not be familiar with it.

Masters Golf supplies the golf trade in the Uk and Europe – pro shops, distributors, retail stores – with everything from packets of tees to full sets of high-end clubs and trolleys.

 And information supplied by leading retail analysts Golf Data Tech shows that more Masters-branded products are sold in Europe than any other single brand – a huge achievement considering the billions of pounds the multi-national brands pour into their marketing campaigns.

 Part of the success of Masters Golf is the way the brand works alongside the retailer, helping to fund state-of-the-art EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems and stock management software which ensures products do not sell-out.

 With a dedicated sales force across Europe, a massive distribution warehouse in the south-west of England, worldwide sourcing with experienced buyers and same-day dispatch with on-line tracking, Masters Golf is the first choice for more than 80 per cent of the UK’s golf product retailers.

 The only bad news is that Masters Golf does not deal with the general public. However, our huge network of distributors >> Masters Golf Stockists means you’re never much more than a decent tee shot from an outlet.

 So whatever product it is on the website that takes your fancy you can rest assured you can find it in a store near you.