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What makes us the World's #1 Custom-fit Putter Brand?


Yes! Golf was the first company to specialize in the design and manufacture of putters. As with all things that are driven by an abiding fascination we haven't lost any of our passion for putting or the things that contribute to the game within the game of golf.


Consistent investment in R&D has enabled Yes! Golf worldwide to maintain new designs of putter that give us the most extensive range of flatsticks bar none.


Our support from the trade, the club golfers and Tour players all over the globe has also brought us into contact with some brilliant strategic partners. We manage to attract many like-minded and very intelligent types whose skills help maintain our number 1 position. For example, we don't have the biggest range of training aids, but they are the best. Brooks Golf gave the world the True Plane and Uni Putt. Esoteric Golf Technology engineered training products like the Square Triangle, Path Finder, Absolute Reader and customizing tools like the Swing Trainer. Redeye gave us one of the world's foremost laser-guided training products, while FineTune Golf had the genius idea of the RoboCup.


Meanwhile, Yes! Golf is now the undisputed world leader in Putter Custom-fitting and ball roll analysis centres. There are 26 facilities across Europe from Dublin to Belek in Turkey and more are coming aboard every month. In addition to making a quantifiable, rapid and inexpensive difference to saving shots for all golfers, the business of custom-fitting the putter has proved to be a true recession-beater: making a big difference for a fraction the cost of having custom-fitting for a full set of clubs.


2009 also saw the advent of two new and totally unique technological innovations…


The Variable Shaft Weighting System was invented to connect the golfer to the putter in a more visceral way than has ever been possible. A selection of weight variants inserted into a new type of shaft radically changes the weighting and feel of a putter to enhance feel, stability and consistency.


The launch of the Tracy III and Lizzy+ models ushered in the age of the Interchangeable Hosel to putter technology. The look, feel and performance of a putter is adjustable to an extraordinary degree by a selection of four hosel types. As of now, it is the latest advance in the ultimate putter custom-fitting offering.


…Until Yes! Golf devises the next putting revolution, that is.



Putting Mirror (Small)

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Uniputt Training Aid

Training aid, training aids, robocup, yes, yes!,sweet spot, sweetspot


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