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BGC 60 Point Membership

Continuing our theme of golf for everyone, we have come up with some great membership options and feel sure that you will find the right deal for you. The traditional full membership is always popular with golfers; however we are also introducing an alternative - the 'points' membership

This system offers a different way of paying for your golf and is particularly appealing for a number of reasons. Firstly you buy a bundle of points. Each round of golf will cost you a certain number of points depending on the day of the week that you play. This number of points will be deducted from your total. When you run out of points you can buy another bundle, change to a full membership.



9 holes = 3 points / 18 holes = 5 points


9 holes = 4 points / 18 holes = 6 points

This can be appealing to new golfers who wish to try out the course before committing to full membership, to golfers who are members elsewhere and wish to benefit from a change of scenery occasionally or simply to golfers who want the benefits of full membership but do not envisage playing enough to warrant the full membership costs.

Points members are required to purchase a minimum of 60 points every 12 months in order for they're membership to remain active and so existing balances can rollover.

Points cannot be transferred to another golfer.

The membership fee includes the £25 joining fee.

Your England Golf affiliation fee must be paid in cash at the golf centre.