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Custom Fitting



Our Custom Fitting Centre specialises in providing the perfect club for each and every individual. No two people are the same so how can the same set of clubs bought off the shelf suit us all? The answer - they can't!

If you want to get the best out of your clubs they should be made to measure for you and nobody else.

We have over 200 clubs with different shafts, lengths, lie angles, grip sizes and swingweight as well as the use of our Sky Trak launch monitor and Mizunos swing DNA software that helps us determine your needs. Then we adjust your new clubs accordingly at NO EXTRA COST*.





Skytrak is a launch monitor offering accurate readings on the ball flight, club head speed, spin rate, curvature, carry distance and overall distance.

This allows us to accurately fit and compare golf clubs to ensure we get the correct clubs for you.

We also provide "gapping" sessions so you can see exactly how far you hit each club.

A gapping session costs just £40 and will last approximately one hour.

For more information on Skytrak please see the videos in this link below.





"I'm a high handicapper who has played now for approximately 3 years. 

I originally bought a set of clubs from eBay when I started out. After few sets of lessons and the feeling that my swing had become more consistent I decided to invest in a fitted set of Irons. After reading lots of reviews I had narrowed down my choices to the Mizuno JPX 850s and the PING G30s. My fitting was with Sarah and took approximately 45 minutes. After using the Mizuno Swing DNA system this quickly narrowed suitable shaft and club head. After finding the correct Mizuno club Sarah then fitted me with the PING G30s. After hitting a fair few balls with both clubs it was obvious to me that the Mizuno JPX 850s were the ones for me. My old clubs were 1/2 inch to short with the wrong lie angle and wrong shaft. I would highly recommend getting clubs fitted for anyone who plays regular and wants to continue to improve. Sarah matched the price and services offered by other internet pro shops that I had found on the internet. My clubs arrived less than a week later and I couldn't be happier with them."

Michael Page


*There is a £40 charge for the custom fitting service, however this is refundable against any fitted clubs purchased on the day or within 7 days of the fitting.  Full club specifications remain property of Bramford Golf Centre and are not given out until the time of purchase. If you wish to purchase the specification sheet you can at the cost of £50.