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Join Bramford Golf Centre

Continuing our theme of golf for everyone, we have come up with some great membership options and feel sure that you will find the right deal for you. The traditional full membership is always popular with golfers; however we are also introducing an alternative - the 'points' membership.

This system offers a different way of paying for your golf and is particularly appealing for a number of reasons. Firstly, you buy a bundle of points. Each round of golf will cost you a certain number of points depending on the day of the week that you play. This number of points will be deducted from your total. When you run out of points you can buy another bundle, change to a full membership.

This can be appealing to new golfers who wish to try out the course before committing to full membership, to golfers who are members elsewhere and wish to benefit from a change of scenery occasionally or, simply, to golfers who want the benefits of full membership but do not envisage playing enough to warrant the full membership costs.

Points members are required to purchase a minimum of 60 points every calendar year in order to keep their membership active and so that existing balances can roll-over.

Points cannot be transferred to another golfer.


2021 Full membership Rates


Under 12 years old = £50         

Under 16 years old = £75         Under 18 years old = £100



      18-24 years old = £165*  (Restrictions apply)          

25-59 years old = £375         60+ years old = £300



Points Membership


60 points = £170


Points tariff


9 holes = 3 points  -  18 holes = 5 points


9 holes = 3 points  -  18 holes = 5 points


Benefits of membership

  • Internationally recognised handicap
  • Discounted range balls
  • Discount on shop purchases
  • Reduced bar prices


All adult memberships are subject to a £25 joining fee.

All members are required to pay an annual affiliation fee to England Golf via Bramford Golf Centre. This is paid in addition to membership and joining fees when you join and for every renewal thereafter.

* 18-24 year old membership and  juniors restrictions -are as follows: weekend  and bank holiday play is limited to after 12 noon during wintertime (Last weekend of October - March) and after 2pm during summertime (April-October).



Bookings and Tee Times

Tee times will be used throughout the week and can be booked up to seven days in advance by members and non members.

Every other tee time will be reserved for members use and every other tee time will be reserved for green fees. If a members tee time is vacant it can be allocated by staff in the first instance to any member waiting to play or if there are none to a green fee. If a non members tee time is vacant it can be allocated by staff in the first instance to any green fee waiting or if there are none to a member.

On weekdays at busy times single players may be asked to join another group. All golfers must check in at reception prior to teeing off. Green fees must be paid prior to playing. Golfers playing 18 holes will be given a tee off time for their second 9 holes and will be expected to be ready to play at that time or else lose their tee time. Members will be allowed to book 18 holes each day. They may take later vacant tee off times as they occur. Each day we will endeavour to ensure that there are an even number of members and green fee tee times available. Group bookings will not affect this.

Members can sign in a minimum of 6 guests per calender year.

Use of course and facilities

Golf shoes do not have to be worn but suitable footwear is advised e.g. suitable trainers or walking shoes. Each player must have their own golf clubs (hire clubs are available). Members and non-members are requested to observe the general rules and etiquette of the game (guidelines are available from staff). Signs on the course are for your safety, please observe them. Greenkeepers have right of way as they may be using loud machinery and are unable to hear properly, therefore golfers must wait for them to be in a safe position before playing.