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Qualified PGA Professional since 1991

Awarded the title Advanced Professional by the P.G.A. putting her in the top 2% of Professionals in the country.

England Schools Girls Team Manager - Chair of the Suffolk Schools Golf Association.


Sarah teaches all standards and abilities with her unique relaxed and 'keep it simple' approach to the game. However her simple approach is backed up by vast experience and a hunger to keep learning, She has completed an MSc in sports science and coaching at the University of Birmingham and is now embarking on a PhD.

Sarah is equipped with the knowledge and experience to improve any standard of golfer. She has guided several youngsters to become top amateur and professional golfers and her warm and cheerful disposition and her undoubted expertise with all age groups makes her popular with all.

Sarah has a variety of golfing experiences to choose from......

Individual sessions

1/2 hour                        £28

1 hour                            £50

6 hole playing lesson  £60

Included in your session…                             

Portable video swing analysis (using Ubersense programme) , practice drills and exercises direct to your e mail, golf balls for the session, private covered teaching room and e mail support

Improving your golf game is not an overnight fix, it takes both time and effort on both parts.  If you would like to become a better golfer, then I am here to help you. My lesson packages are a great way for you to work on your game in a structured but fun format, where you can plan and monitor your improvement over a period of time.

Silver Package- £95

4x 30 minute lessons

250 Free range balls

email support after lessons


Gold Package- £150

5x 30 minute lessons

1 x 6 hole playing lesson

500 Free range balls

1 x 9 hole green fee

email support after lessons


Putting package £125

With approximately 35% of our shots on the green, it amazes me how few putting lessons people have. Maybe putting looks simple so we favour the longer game when seeking help? But so many golfers i talk to have never had a putting lesson or even a green reading session. This putting package can really save you shots as it uses technology as well as my experience to help you become a better putter.

Includes 1 hour session incorporating Tomi Putt lab, 1 hr technique lesson & 1 hr on course green reading session


Chix with Stix - women only!

To dispel ideas that vast technical skill is necessary before playing on the course and, backed up by my research at Birmingham University, I have set up the popular ‘Chix with stix’ programme which gets ladies on the golf course on lesson 1 and encourages learning through playing.

“It is amazing to see the self confidence these ladies have in their golf, which is far superior to that of pupils I teach totally in the range environment…and anyway, why do we take up golf?  TO PLAY!”

The 2 month programme costs £60 per person and includes 5 hours with me as well as free use of the golf course after 12 noon at weekends and before noon on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays and Fridays

A great way to learn, meet new people and have fun!


Short Game 

Short game days

I am very happy to teach the 'whole game' but my passion lies in the short game. With approximately 76% of shots played from less than 100 yards I know how important it is for golfers to be competent in this area if they are going to enjoy the game of golf. And with my guidance and support you WILL improve. Although we know how important the short game is, it is often neglected in favour of learning the long game. But think of this, no matter how often you practice shots in to the green, you will still miss sometimes! What you do then and the shots you play, will have a massive effect on your score. So why not try a short game day with me, and concentrate on the shots that really make a difference?

Days run from 10am - 4 pm and include lunch tea/coffee, all equipment needed, and follow up drills along with practice planning.

Choose from the following

A chipping & putting technique

B a green reading & pitching

C bunkers & troublesome lies and course management                             

Cost £75 per person (max 8 in a group) email sarahwilsonpga@gmail.com to reserve your place

Alternatively if you can get 8 friends together for a day you can choose your own date. (not available Tuesdays or Thursdays).

Call to book!

Help of a different sort...programme package

I will analyse your game and discuss your goals and wishes. Taking these into account, along with the time you have to play and practice, and your physical ability, I will design a practice programme that will help you reach your goals.

-Initial 1 hour session in which to gather information after which I will plan your programme
-30 minute session to work through aspects of the programme to ensure complete understanding.
-Final 1 hour at a time of your choice, for further help and feedback.              

Your programme can last between 6 weeks and 6 months - you decide!Costf or this, which also includes e mail support and any altering of programme as a result of feedback from you,is £145.

“I decided to really try and understand pitching better as I was losing so many shots playing into the green. Sarah designed a programme for me that has helped so much, my handicap has dropped by 5 shots! It was fun to to do and was built around practising and playing! …Paul Campbell 

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Silver Package £95



Gold Package £150



Putting Package £125



Custom Programme £145




All lessons are 30 minutes, all playing lessons are between 60 and 90 mins.

All lessons are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.