Chix with Stix

Introducing Women to Golf

To dispel ideas that vast technical skill is necessary before playing on the course and, backed up by Sarah's research at Birmingham University, Sarah has set up the popular ‘Chix with stix’ programme which gets ladies on the golf course on lesson 1 and encourages learning through playing.

“It is amazing to see the self confidence these ladies have in their golf, which is far superior to that of pupils I teach totally in the range environment…and anyway, why do we take up golf?  TO PLAY!”

The 6 week programme costs £60 per person and includes 5 hours with me as well as free use of the golf course after 12 noon at weekends and anytime during the week. Booking must be made in advance. A great way to learn, meet new people and have fun!

Dates for 2022 at bottom of page.

Rear View of female Golfers
Female Golfer with Clubs

On-Course Coaching

Meet New Members

Equipment Provided

2022 Dates

All spaces for 2022 are FULL. Please register your interest if you wish to book for future Chix courses.